Colonial Master


Colonial Master

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Bolley fields internet here
Colonial masters oh…yeah yeah
Oh oh oh
Yeah! Jerome Kelly- slow it down,- Akp!

Verse 1-(Jerome Kelly)
Colonial masters, Dem bi sey dey wan come help us
Colonial masters, Dem bi sey dey wan come change our country
Before before, we dey use our harvest to obtain wetin we need.
We live in peace and harmony,
Until they come change our economy
They virus our leaders, and give them, corruptions
And now… Light e nor dey
Food e nor dey
Suffer suffer everyday.

So we call God,
For rescure
Intervention, from God oh…}2×
Call:Curse we don tire
Response: we don tire ah ah ah
Call: We don tire
From the Way dem dey use us oh..oh oh.

Back in those days, when I was a little boy in naija
My mother send me go market (yeah) give me casava
If I see anybody wey dey sell oil
Make I give ham cassava, then,
He go give me the value of oil wey worth the cassava
Wey I give ham yeah
As my mama send me na so I deliver the oil without no money business here…ah
Until our colonial masters show face here ah- what!!

Chorus- again

Verse 2 -Akp

Yeah- they came here with their ideal of buying and selling our minerals resources.
Introduce us to money business here
We nor know sey they come fool us, they come use us
But today, they reject us…they carry our fore fathers back to their country and slave them…ah-see!
But today!, Most of our leaders don turn to mumu for the game what a shame! Yeah!!
Uwazaga wenayena ( our leaders don scatter now)
My people where we dey go from here? I nor know!
See, criminal everywhere… wetin dey sub!
My sisters don enter street because of the dinero (money)
Primo donde vamos de aqui!!! ( Cousin where are we going from here.

Chorus-again 2×


He dey do me…oh oh…


Produce by #MIC 2


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