Oga Trump


Oga Trump

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I dey beg oh…Bolleyfields internet S.L
Osalobua we dey beg oh.


Oluwa na beg I dey I abeg oh
Make you nor live us alone oh
I know sey…we don go astray oh
Na your grace we dey fine oh
Heal our land oh
And put a smile on our face oh
Abeg oh…I dey beg oh…
Make you nor leave us alone oh
Abeg I dey oh God I dey beg oh
Make you nor leave us alone
Abeg I dey beg oh…na HIM I dey beg oh…na God I dey abeg oh

Rap 1- Akp

Ah! Oga police wetin my brother do
I dey ask you..you say make I come station
Na the first time wey my brother come naija
Abi na crime to go pharmacy go buy mark?
Tell me! Na my house I dey wey I see am for CNN
George Bush kill sadam hosen, kill Gadafi the former president of libya for no reason drive Osama enter ezard
As Obama come power, he finish the fight
Donald Trump enter power he say America first but today America don carry last.
Trump says Nicholas maduro must go-Rushia and China stand up
See!, Trump fear fear ,he come out with spiritual attack call Corona-virus and put everyone for house arrest!!!
Omo!, This one don go virus just as my rap dey go vira
See!, The world nor get solution about it,everyday and night people just dey die here.
See!,papa God, na you we dey pray for -make we know die for here
Dem don come colonize us with Corona-virus
Osalobua help ima nima ghe wuyona ( God help us make we nor die for this one ) hallelujah! Osana!.


Rap 2
Oga Trump come CNN call for state emergency.
Make everyone stay indoor cause the spiritual missile wey he throw don dey kill innocent people
Oga Trump confusion don enter your cabinet- see!,listen to my gbedu. Na the only solution , Abi make we call God for a rescue? Papa God na you bi the solution,save your children,stop this spiritual attack
People just dey die every second. Trump don carry trumpet enter CNN just dey Yan Opata
Papa God before this spiritual attack call Corona-virus come , we hear am through your prophet TB Joshua say people go die with this virus
Papa God na only you we dey hope on for this virus.



Abeg oh… I dey abeg oh
Akp…One time one time
Bolleyfields internet here…
Ah Jerome Kelly


I dey beg oh… I dey on my knees oh
Make this virus nor kill us all…I dey on my knees oh
Make this virus nor colonize us i dey on my knees oh
E…yeah yeah yeah.


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